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We strive to identifiesd small scale business opportunities that proivides jobs and  assist our budding  local enterprnures to secure funds  to kick start the business. Or our relations to get engaged in income generating venture .

Venture Capital

Venture Capital is financing given to startup companies and small businesses that are seen as having the potential to break out. The funding for this financing usually comes from wealthy investors, investment banks, and any other financial institutions. The investment doesn’t have to be just financial, but can also be offered via technical or managerial expertise.


We have thousands of well whisher family members in the diaspora who make monthly remitance of funds to relations back home. There is the saying that if you give your brother fish, he will eat the fish and expect some more another time. On the other hand if you teach him how to fish, he will fish and will never bother you for fish again.

We all know that sending money to relations back home to build a house for you or run a business for you never works, it ends up with stories. We are here to close that chapter. If you are in the diaspora and prefer to set up a business for your relations to keep them gainfully employed and you in turn make profit on your investment , that is possible. We set up a venture capital portfolio on yourbehalf and engage your relations to run the business under our supervision and guidiance. They will be employees working for thier wages and not brothers waiting for a handout.

You may also want to retire from your current employment if you have reached retirement age. You plan to return home and occupy your time with some business of your dream. You do not waite until you retire, we can start the business on your behalf exactly the way you want . The business will be up and running, when you retire and get back to mother land, you takeover and run your business without the hassle of business start up.

We have reputable external law firms that will incoporate the company and handle all legal matters to safe guard your investment.

We encourage diaspora investors to invest in their villages or Local Government Headquarters. The interest of  Elders & Youths  United is job creation in our local communities in order to kick out poverty in our father and  motherland

We have list of small scale businesses that needs little funding for kick starting the business in rural areas.


This is similar to DIASPORA  PROJECT FUNDING OPTION, but mean’t for  Nigerians living in the big cities Abuja, Lagos , Port Harcourt, Enugu , Kaduna or Kano , connecting with relations and home village comunity.

You are a professional living at any of these metropolitan cities, you send money home monthly, or you plan to retire and go back home. The above listed options for those in the Diaspora, are also avilable to you.