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At the moment all Nigerian graduates from local and foreign higher institutions are compelled by law to participate in the NYSC programe. If you fail to participate, you will not be qualified to work in the civil service or hold any political office.

.The NYSC Anthem :-

Let us lift our nation high, Under the sun or in the rain, with dedication and selflessness, Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

The objectives of the NYSC is great.

The purpose of the scheme is primarily to inculcate in Nigerian Youths the spirit of selfless service to the community, and to emphasize the spirit of oneness and brotherhood of all Nigerians, irrespective of cultural or social background.

.It is not a secret that, due to the dysfunctional situation in our higher institutions, most rich Nigerians send their kids to schools abroad –  primary, secondary and the university. The not so rich train their children locally in the primary and secondary schools, then send them abroad for their university education.  The conclusion is that, currently majority of the graduate from the higher institutions in Nigeria are from the middle income or poor families who can not afford to send thier children abroad.

.The question is, what happens at the end of the National Service for the children of middle income and the bottom ladder. There is nothing as demoralizing as spending a couple of years schooling and toiling to get a certificate that will give you a meal ticket.  You end up with the certificate, but it fails to provide the meal.

.A retiree told his children who just completed their NYSC program. He said, children it is tough for me, I spent my retirement money to train you, now you have graduated and have completed your NYSC , the problem is, if you do not get a job, which is scarce  Now,  Your Suffering Continues.

 .This bring us back to the formation of  Elders & Youths United Network.  A concerted effort  is required to find ways and means to create jobs for our teeming population of educated and the uneducated but skilled and all in the same soup of unemployment.  It takes the unity of the elderly and the youths to solve the problem. The elders have the wisdom and the youths have the strength to execute the task at hand.

. We need political leaders who care,  until we get such leaders we need to start creating jobs on our own.  Join the Elders & Youths United Network  and participate in our programes to KICK OUT  POVERTY .

Spread the news and be fishers of  job creators.